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2024 Event Summary
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2024 Speakers

2024 Agenda

SESSION 1 Re-watch on YouTube

Amid a landscape of change, the opening session will explore the key trends, challenges and opportunities that are currently facing tech leaders and service desk practitioners. We will consider how to improve and enhance service delivery against a backdrop of constant disruption; how to positively leverage new ways of working, and how to embrace the potential of AI without compromising user experience.

09:15    Welcome from the Conference Chair

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:25    Sustaining and Enhancing Service Delivery Amid Change and Disruption

  • What change and disruption look like and the challenges they pose to service delivery

  • Don’t improve what shouldn’t be there

  • How do you continue to serve the organisation whilst you adapt

  • Risk & Audit – Make them your best friends!

  • Technology is there to accelerate, it is not the answer

Alex Kantor, Director of Technology, Modulr

09:45    Getting the Most from New Ways of Working

  • Why standard ways of working are becoming non-standard

  • Building an organisational structure with an inherent ethos of change

  • Prioritising culture and employee experience

  • Exploring the concept of remote working and holiday allowance

  • How improving the culture in the workplace improves service and customer satisfaction

Ollie King, Senior Account Executive, HaloITSM

10:05    The Future of Service Design in the Age of AI

  • Contextualising the impact of AI on service, design, and user interaction

  • What do organisations need to know, what should we be looking at and planning for

  • How can we begin to leverage the benefits of AI for users and the business

  • How can we do this whilst ensuring we retain trust, humanity, UX, regulatory compliance

  • How is AI likely to reshape the way we build & design user journeys and services going forward


Kate McKay, Senior Service Designer, M&G plc

10:25    Combined Q&A

  • Alex Kantor, Director of Technology, Modulr

  • Ollie King, Senior Account Executive, HaloITSM

  • Kate McKay, Senior Service Designer, M&G plc

  • Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

10:55    Networking & Refreshments


Session 2 will explore a series of key topics in a longer presentation format. The session will be run in a breakout format across three parallel streams, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two options live. The alternative breakouts will be accessible on-demand post-event.

11:30    First Breakout Option (A-C)


A: Creating Customer Centricity in Practice Re-watch on YouTube 

  • An intro to Customer Centricity at The Craneware Group  

  • What does the future hold?

  • What do customers want? 

  • How do you create customer centricity in practice?  

Amanda Allan, Head of Software Support Services, The Craneware Group


B: IT Enterprise Service Management: ITSM Practices and Platform Beyond IT Re-watch on YouTube 

  • Why should your staff / customers need to know how your organisation is structured to request services?

  • Utilising a unified Knowledgebase and Service Catalogue with audience-specific content

  • Provide your end users with a single point of contact/truth, and empower staff from other disciplines

  • Our University of Glasgow's Enterprise Service Management journey to date

  • Shift-Left and Service Desk empowerment delivered > £150,000 worth of savings for <£100 of Dev time.


Mark Temple, Assistant Director: Service Management, University of Glasgow

C: Maximising Business Outcomes with Remote Support: Insights on Security, Integration & Productivity Re-watch on YouTube 

  • How do remote support tools impact overall business productivity and efficiency? 

  • Which KPIs should businesses focus on to measure support success? 

  • What are the primary security concerns to support employees or customers remotely, and how can organisations effectively mitigate risk? 

  • How is the concept of zero trust implemented in remote support operations? 

  • How does remote support fit into an organisation’s overall support Tech stack? 

  • How have successful integrations positively influenced business impact? 

Darren Bayney, Business Service Enablement Consultant, BT

Kelvin Wetherill, CEO and Founder, Supportwave

Csaba Jaromi, Director, Solutions Consulting, GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) 

Moderated by Jen Brown, Senior Director, International Marketing, GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) 

12:05   Transition

12:15    Second breakout Option (D-G)

D: 3 Things You Need to Know Right Now! Re-watch on YouTube 

  • Discover New and Emerging Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the latest shifts and innovations in the ITSM and Service Desk landscape.

  • Understand What's Crucial to IT Professionals Right Now: Gain a clear perspective on the current priorities and concerns of IT experts globally.

  • Redefining Service Strategies: Learn how traditional service strategies are being reshaped to meet the demands of today's digital business environment.


David Wright, Chief Value & Innovation Officer, SDI

E: Enhancing employee experience and operational efficiency with self service and asset management Re-watch on YouTube 

  • What do employees want in the digital age

  • Importance of meeting the needs of the employees and simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency in the organization

  • AssetSonar’s Service catalog - its core value proposition and users

  • AssetSonar’s overall vision of the roadmap - to be a single source of truth for organizations.


Asim Jalil, Sales Manager, EZO

F: The future of the IT Service Desk. Hint, it's automation and AI… Re-watch on YouTube 

  • Liberating your service desk from mundane problems, using automation and AI to manage low-level tasks.

  • Free up your service desk, empowering your team to deliver personalised and focussed customer service.

  • Seamlessly streamline customer service, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing that human touch.

  • Use Case: Using Copilot as an example of real-life, tangible improvements you can make


Paul McFarlane, Head of Managed Service Operations, Quorum

G: Future-proofing the digital enterprise with a security-first service management framework Re-watch on YouTube 

  • The outlook required to pivot traditional ITSM framework to a security-first service management framework

  • Seven key pillars for to build a resilient service management framework with use cases

  • The foundational steps for a security-first approach for ITSM


Kumaravel Ramakrishnan, Director of Marketing, ManageEngine

12:45    Lunch and Networking

SESSION 3 Re-watch on YouTube 

AI has dominated the headlines over the last year, and the growth of ChatGPT has captured public attention in a way that AI has never done before. But what does the new wave of AI and LLM mean for service leaders and tech teams? The closing session will examine how AI is transforming the way we deliver services, and revolutionising everything from the customer experience to the development process.

13:35    Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The Transformative Impact of ML & AI

  • Key Trends in CX

  • Real-world Case Studies

  • Challenges and Solutions

  • Future Outlook

  • Recommendations for Businesses


Shalini Goyal, Software Engineering Manager, Amazon

14:05    Level Up: How AI is Revolutionizing Software Development

  • How can you make your teams more productive and increase efficiency?

  • The potential of AI like GitHub Copilot to transform the way we build

  • How AI can help us write cleaner code, reduce errors and bugs, and accelerate dev cycles

  • Some of the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into our workflows

  • The need to balance automation with human oversight and creativity

April Edwards, DevOps Practice Lead, Github

14:30    Combined Q&A

  • Shalini Goyal, Software Engineering Manager, Amazon

  • April Edwards, DevOps Practice Lead, Github

  • Paul McFarlane, Head of Managed Service Operations, Quorum

  • Mark Temple, Assistant Director: Service Management, University of Glasgow

  • Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

15:10    Closing Remarks 
15:15    Networking Drinks Reception

16:30   End of Summit



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