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Scotland's in-person Service Desk and IT Support Conference with keynotes, workshops and exhibition. 


Thursday 29 February 2024
Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
08:30 - 4.30pm

Free to attend (T&Cs apply)

The Conference

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The Summit 

The Summit will contextualise the evolution of the service desk and the future of customer experience and IT support.


The programme will consider how the service function has advanced in the age of digital transformation, omni-channel engagement, and personalisation. And examine the increasing role of automation, analytics and AI, and the rise of Chatbots and self-service systems.


The conference will explore how tech leaders can maximise the business impact of their service function, with presentations looking at actionable ways to improve process, operations, observability, and customer experience.

The Summit is geared for professionals working in IT, Tech Support, Customer Service, UX, Digital Transformation and Leadership roles.

The Venue
Previous Speakers


DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of conferences and events focused on core areas of emerging Technology, Digital and IT. We also run Scotland's leading IT & Digital News Platform with over 50,000 page views per month.

The events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange and discussion, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking and engagement.

2023 Exhibitors & Sponsors

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2023 Agenda

SESSION 1 Re-watch on YouTube

As IT has evolved from a background support role to become a driver of key business functions like customer experience, service teams have become increasingly critical to the performance and perception of the organisation. Amid a challenging economic outlook, squeezed budgets and growing environmental responsibilities, the morning session will focus on how to do more with less; how to improve service outcomes, reduce technology waste, and help support climate objectives. 

09:15    Welcome from the Conference Chair 

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:25     Less is More

•    Why UX is essential to the IT world
•    Tailoring the IT experience based on user profile
•    Using AI to deliver greater relevancy
•    Why you mustn’t overlook accessibility
•    Simplicity is King

David Marsh, Chief Innovation Officer, Monochrome

09:45    Waste Not Want Not

•    We can often be so focussed on new tech that we forget about the benefits of good housekeeping for our existing assets
•    What is technology waste and why should we care?
•    How can we identify and manage waste across hardware, software and cloud?
•    Practical tips for eliminating technology waste to achieve our financial, sustainability and information security goals

Kylie Fowler, Principal Consultant, ITAM Intelligence  

10:05    Planet Saving Changes That You Can Do Now

•    How the ServiceNow team at NatWest contributed to the Company’s Climate goals
•    The email habit
•    Eliminating redundant email notifications
•    Modern more environmentally friendly ways of notifications

Brian Crighton, Head of ServiceNow & Service Improvement, NatWest 

10:25    Combined Q&A

10:55    Networking & Refreshments

SESSION 2 Re-watch on YouTube

Session 2 will explore a series of key topics in a longer presentation format. The session will be run in a breakout format across three parallel streams, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two options live. The alternative breakouts will be accessible on-demand post-event.

11:30    First Breakout Option (A-C)


A. Putting Employee Experience into the Heart of Everything We Do  Fireside Chat )

  • Embracing the mindset of treating employees like end-customers

  • Understanding how employee expectations have changed (largely shaped by consumer experiences)

  • What are our key goals: enablement, empowerment, frictionless, accessibility

  • Reflecting on our outcomes, learnings, insights and experience

  • Tips and takeaways for improving digital employee experience in practice


Josh Novelle, Sr Director of People Experience & Insights, Warner Music Group


B. Why SIAM should be top of the CIO’s agenda

  • What is service integration and management (SIAM)?

  • What are the key organizational challenges SIAM helps address?

  • How does SIAM support digital transformation initiatives?

  • SIAM data from around the world and mini case-studies


Claire Agutter, Service Management Trainer & Director, Scopism


C. CSDM with Ketchup Please

  • The Value Add of CSDM and CMDB to the organisation when used correctly

  • The adoption of CSDM and a CMDB in the greenfield instance or transforming a brownfield environment, 

  • The practicalities of adopting new features to underpin your business outcomes and ensure your investment is sustainable.


Kevin Hurdle, Senior Consultant, Unifii

12:05    Transition

12:15    Second Breakout Option (D-F)


D. Applying Behavioural Insights to Improve Customer Experience

  • Introduction to behavioural science

  • Existing behavioural insights frameworks you can use to create more effective and impactful solutions

  • Real world examples of behavioural insights improving customer experience


Gary Birnie, User Experience Designer & Behavioural Scientist


E. The New Era of Large Language Models and Their Effect in AI-assisted CX

  • Why voice/language interaction is so important

  • Miscommunication and repair

  • Current state of market/LLMs

  • Trust/faithfulness - motivation

  • Expected impact - Use cases


Ioannis Papaioannou, CTO & Co-Founder, Alana AI


F. Service Operations with ServiceNow

  • What is Service Operations & how it can change your business

  • The technology behind Service Operations

  • Service Operations in BAU 


Phil Taphouse, CTO, Sapphire Systems

12:45    Lunch and Networking

SESSION 3 Re-watch on YouTube

The afternoon session will consider the transformation of service experience in the digital era, looking at the changing expectations of customers and employees, and examining how service teams are responding. The session will feature insights from a range of sectors, including education, retail, and media; illustrating how organisations are changing their approach, modernising their strategy, and leveraging technology to improve the user experience.

13:35    Supporting the Transition from Traditional to Digital at Scotland’s Oldest University

•    The introduction of our Business Productivity Specialist role and how it’s impacted our university community and our IT Service Desk function
•    How our approach to the golden rule of ‘everything must come through our call management system’ has changed
•    The impact of introducing personalised 1-2-1 IT inductions for all new staff 

Pauline Brown, Associate CIO: Service Delivery, University of St Andrews

13:55    From Iconic Retail to Omnichannel: Transforming IKEA’s Customer Support

•    Intro to IKEA and the ‘why’ & vision for our transformation
•    Building out our self-service function to improve UX and customer enablement 
•    Creating new revenue streams via digital channels and tools 
•    Developing a culture of innovation within customer service technology and using the hub to drive continual progress and improvement
•    What has been achieved in 3 years: outcomes, learnings & top tips 

Nadia Ness, Global Head of Transformation - Customer Support, IKEA

14:15    CX Transformation – Personalisation

•    What do customers want and why do they want it?
•    How we’re pivoting to meet the needs of a customer on the digital age, focusing on complete CX transformation
•    A deeper dive of what we’ve done to date, with our telemetry-based Service Checker UI House.
•    Educating customers and bringing them on that journey into the digital age, making sure nobody is left behind

Sarah Reeder, Service Strategy Manager, Sky
Cheryl Graham, Service Strategy Manager, Sky

14:35    Combined Q&A

15:05    Closing Remarks 
Networking Drinks Reception

16:30    End of Summit


*The conference agenda is provisional and subject to change

Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

 The Venue 

The conference will be held live and in-person at the iconic Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, a professional event space offering panoramic views of the city and Arthur's Seat.


The venue is centrally located in the old town, just 15 minutes walk from Waverley train station, making it easily accessible via public transport. We also offer free WiFi, discounted on-site parking and provide food and drinks to attendees throughout the day. 


Interested in speaking or exhibiting at ITSX Summit?

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